‘We have recently filled our long awaited new Bell Block store with a full shipment of Palm Kernel. This more than doubled our storage capacity in Taranaki, and will be valuable to service the ever increasing demand for our Stockfoods.  If you would like to visit the store, be in touch with your local rep and he will arrange it with you.                              

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Shed feeding lessens stress

In-shed feeding to dispense PKE, minerals and molasses – plus automatic cup removers – have greatly improved cow flow, labour use and stock health on John and Colleen Campbell’s farm at Awakeri, Bay of Plenty. They have owned the farm since 1985. The milking platform is 232ha (eff) plus an 80ha self-contained run-off used for rearing replacements, growing maize for silage and harvesting grass silage. Wintering is done there for 50% of the milking herd. The milking platform is flat and free draining, centrally raced with a 46 bail rotary built in 1995. They milk 840 Friesian and Friesian X cows, supply Fonterra and begin calving 10 July. Rainfall is 1400mm and the area can become dry in the summer. Maize (250 t DM) is fed to the milking herd in autumn as the rotation is slowed and to improve cow condition before winter. The maize is fed in the paddock […]

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